Artificial Intelligence Is a Valuable Commodity in the Home Cleaning Industry

artificial intelligence

What people lack in time in terms of juggling work and household chores, they make up by buying robot vacuums, self-cleaning ovens, and other smart home technology. There truly is nothing that artificial intelligence cannot do these days. Well, except to solve the coronavirus outbreak, but that’s another matter anyway. In truth, artificial intelligence has never been more important and evolved that it is today.

For working professionals, it is impossible to survive without a robot mopping the floors of their homes or a self-cleaning dog potty. When you are working from eight in the morning until six in the evening, how are you supposed to clean the house? Are you supposed to spend the whole weekend deep-cleaning every nook and cranny of your home?

AI is Not Just Robots

In your mind, you are thinking about futuristic robots and sentient computers when you hear the term artificial intelligence. But AI is more than about robots. It is an umbrella term that describes computers that can perform tasks that require human levels of comprehension. AI means a device can complete a task that is more complex than what computers can normally do.

You are unknowingly using tools and devices that fall under artificial intelligence. Your phone is a great example of AI. It can learn from your behavior. It can do complex tasks for you such as setting the alarm clock, calling a number from your phonebook and telling you the title of the song you are playing. Today, developers are using AI to tackle more difficult tasks.

AI in the Home Cleaning Industry

automatic vacuum cleanerIf you have to choose between cleaning your house and buying a robot that can do it for you, what would you pick? While there are still limitations to what a robot vacuum cleaner can do, it has become so sophisticated that it can recognize voice command and even go under the bed to clean those hard-to-reach spaces.

Sure, it is still better to call a professional carpet cleaner. But during days when you need a quick clean, these smart home devices got your back. Why should you suffer from your allergies because of a dirty carpet? A simple voice command can activate your vacuum to remove all the dirt it can from the carpet.

How about a toilet bowl cleaning system? This device attaches to the tank, so there’s no need for you to clean it by hand. But unlike the bleach tablets that you drop into the tank and could damage the septic system, these toilet bowl cleaning systems direct the cleaning solution into the overflow tube of the flush valve.

Then, if you have allergies, you might want to get a handheld vacuum cleaner with deep-reach technology that can remove dust mites and bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs are those tiny creatures that the eyes can’t see but can cause allergic reactions. A powerful vacuum can remove them for you, and it doesn’t even need human intervention. The vacuum can spray, brush, and suction the dirt (and bed bugs) off your bed. It can do all these with the touch of a button.

And just when you think you have seen everything, the robot window cleaner came out. You can now clean the upper parts of your windows without needing a ladder to climb on. Using a remote control, you can guide the window cleaner to the parts you need to clean. The device has microfiber pads to scrub the glass surface, removing years’ worth of stains, dirt, and dust.

How Advanced are These Home-cleaning Devices?

These cleaning devices can sense the mess on the floor. It can adjust the settings by itself to use water and detergent. Many of these devices don’t even need human intervention to control their movements. A smart washer, for example, can start itself after receiving a command from Alexa or Google Voice. It can also determine the best setting for your laundry.

The best thing about these devices is that they can detect issues and maintenance jobs by themselves. Some of them will even remind you that they need to get checked by a competent technician. Think about your own car. The car tells you now that it needs to go to the mechanic. That’s how advanced these AI-based devices have become.

There will be more advances in the future for artificial intelligence. The goal is to make life easier for people, as well as to create a hyperconnected world through the internet of things. At a time when things can get pretty hectic, this technology is essential for every household.

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