Big Isn’t Always Better: Why Couples Should Consider Small, Intimate Weddings


Planning a wedding is one of the important milestones in life among couples. It’s a celebration of love and union between you and your partner while making sure your loved ones are present to witness it. We try our best to make it perfect by renting the best outdoor wedding venue, wearing the most stunning wedding dress, and hosting a lavish reception no one will ever forget.

While we want it to be an exact reflection of our dream wedding, certain factors can affect the planning process, such as the budget and the safety of the guests amid a pandemic. In this article, we’ll discuss why couples should consider having an intimate wedding and how it can affect the most special day of their lives.

It’s cheaper

Let’s face it. Big weddings don’t come cheap! They require a hefty budget, from hiring the wedding planner, florist, photographer, caterer, designer, and the list goes on. Sure, it’s reasonable to go all out on your most special day, but it’s important to make the right adjustments if the budget doesn’t permit it. After all, having a wedding shouldn’t make you break the bank.

Intimate weddings give couples more freedom to control their budget because of their small guest list. In essence, intimate weddings are smaller in scale since regular weddings typically involve 50 to 150 guests. Most couples don’t realize that most of the wedding budget goes towards feeding the guests and furnishing the guest tables. So if you invite less than 10 people, this means you’ll only be spending enough for a small group of people.

With an intimate wedding, it’s easy to spend less and allocate the budget to other important matters. The best part is that your dream wedding becomes a viable option, from hiring that delicious caterer to having that gorgeous floral setup you always wanted, or even that dream honeymoon destination. More importantly, intimate weddings are a more cost-effective option for couples with a tight wedding budget or for those who want to allocate their money for their future savings.

It’s easy to organize

Wedding planning involves a lot of heavy work. The more guests you have, the more factors to think about. From inviting every relative to setting the perfect venue, weddings are one of those occasions that prove anything bigger doesn’t always mean better. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, like you’re planning your big day for other people instead of you as a couple.

It’s logical to say intimidate weddings are less stressful to plan. You have the freedom to choose only the closest friends and immediate family members. This allows the event to feel relaxed and have less drama.

It offers plenty of options


Intimate weddings allow couples to be more creative. Since you have to entertain, feed, and host fewer guests, an intimate wedding encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to vendor options. Many vendors today offer intimidating wedding packages that you can take advantage of!

Fabulous venue options such as beach and garden venues are easier to work on with a smaller guest list. It’s easy to satisfy everyone’s appetite since you have more catering options. You can also customize the souvenirs and include extra features for the reception. The options are endless!

It focuses on quality time

The most appealing aspect of intimate weddings is probably the opportunity to focus on quality time with your significant other and guests. In other words, it’s easy to spend plenty of time with everyone and talk to each of them.

In large-scale wedding events, couples are only given a limited time to move from each table and take photos with the guests since there are many people to accommodate. Since everything happens in a flash, big weddings tend to lose their essence when it comes to being personal. With intimate weddings, couples have more time to make the day more special without forgetting what’s important to them.

Intimate weddings allow couples to spend substantial time with their friends and family on a more intimate level. They can slow down while focusing on each memorable moment. Nothing’s more wonderful when you spend the most special day of your life with the people who matter to you.

Never underestimate what intimate weddings can do, especially we’re in the middle of a pandemic. While it’s understandable to go big and go all out at your wedding, it’s important to never forget the real essence of weddings — to cherish the union with your partner together with the most important people in your life.

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