Save on Water: Landscape with Rocks and Stones


Utah has a semi-arid climate, which means that land receives less rainfall, although not as much as desert climates. Nonetheless, water has a higher value in this state than in others. Homeowners like you should reduce water usage. You should save it for more essential needs at home, such as hygiene and cleaning. To do that, you may want to consider switching from grass to gravel for your Utah house’s lawn.

Water Wasted on Grass

The American dream always includes a wide green lawn where you can relax and where your children can play. Although grass does make a pretty picture of a home, a completely green lawn requires copious amounts of water. In a semi-arid state, that lawn becomes a water sink.

Lean into Hardscaped Designs

You can save up on water if you simply change from softscaping to hardscaping. Now, before going into this further, you have to understand that this shift only means lessening the amount of grass in your home. A home lawn filled with concrete and rocks will look less appealing and be less enjoyable. With a heavy emphasis on foundation and concrete and a little strategic placement of grass and plants, you can achieve a balance that would cost you less water.

Besides water savings, a hardscaped lawn brings other long-term perks. You can forget mostly about maintenance. You only need to water the grass and plants you incorporated. Even better, you can use the lawn year-round, especially when you use the hardscaping as an outdoor extension of your home. You can have a barbecue during summer or lounge around a firepit during winter.

Plan for the Change

With all these benefits of hardscaping, the question remains, how do you go about using rocks and gravel? First, you can decide what you want to do with your hardscape. As hinted earlier, you can build a deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, or a firepit. For gardens, you can have your plants and have stone paths twisting around and about the plants.

Pick Your Rocks

landscaping with rocks

When you have decided what you want out of your hardscaping, you can easily choose the material you want. Your plan will naturally narrow down your options to a couple of materials. To help you further pick material, you can think about the style you want your hardscaping to display. Sleek and modern hardscaping lean towards square and rectangular slabs. Otherwise, you can mix and match the material to create an eye-catching lawn.

Expect the Expenses

For you not to be startled by the costs of a hardscaping project, you can expect the following numbers to come up. Per square foot, you may have to pay anywhere between seven to 22 dollars. You will have to pay more when you choose more expensive materials and more complicated designs.

Despite the considerable expense of hardscaping your lawn, the water savings you will make and the other benefits you can enjoy will make the shift worthwhile. Water has a high value in the state; you need the water more than your green lawn. Without the latter, you can have all the water that you need for yourself and your family.

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