The Perfect Spot for Your Indoor Garden

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Millennials have been so obsessed with houseplants for years now. They love it so much that they house an indoor jungle in their apartments, and they can’t seem to have enough.

The 2019 National Gardening Survey found that the gardening industry earned $52.3 billion from American gardeners over the past year. The trend has increasingly been highlighted on social media. Whether you search on Pinterest or Instagram, these “aesthetic” pictures of indoor plants are limitless.

Why the Fascination with Plants?

On the other hand, it’s more than just social media appeal. The speculations are that it comes from postponing major life events, like purchasing a home and starting a family. Younger generations—millennials and gen Zers—choose to rent over buying a house because it’s what they can afford. While they are deep into debt from college loans, these generations are forced to delay major financial decisions.

As a result, they found a substitute in the form of indoor plants. Since they do not have children, they treat pets like children, spending $915 and $1,285 per year on cats and dogs, respectively. Now, plants become the new pets, and a millennial would even spend $300 per month for plants.

Not Just for Millennials

Additionally, it’s important to point out that taking care of plants is not for millennials alone. Grandma still has a garden, and so does dad. You still might listen to mom talk to her plants early in the morning.

No matter the age, the benefits of taking care of plants are in effect. Especially when the world is going through distressing times, the calming effect of plants can help alleviate certain pandemic anxieties.

People are also encouraged to stay home, making them spend more time indoors where the air is allegedly more polluted than the outdoors. Luckily, indoor plants help with indoor air quality because they absorb toxins in the air, like a natural air purifier.

Find the Light

plant near the windowAs a plant parent, it’s imperative that you give your plant children their basic needs. One of these is sunlight. You should have a place in your house or apartment that lets the light in. This could be beside the window or on the balcony. If you’re a fancy plant parent who wants the best for their children and can afford to do so, a luxury glass greenhouse can house them and give them sunlight throughout the day.

Probably one of the biggest concerns with taking care of indoor plants is looking for a spot where there’s enough sunlight. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. You would want to place your plants beside windows that face these directions. However, for plants that can’t tolerate direct sunlight, south- or north-facing windows should still give them their daily dose of sunshine.

Garden Window

A garden window is like a mini greenhouse. The glass is on every side, except for the bottom where plants are supposed to be. The glass welcomes the sun from all directions and leads the sunlight to the plants. This alcove of a window can be placed on top of your kitchen sink, so you can enjoy the view while washing the dishes. It can also be in your living room, bedroom—anywhere, really. You can also use decorative pots and planters to increase the aesthetic value of the window.


A greenhouse in your home can be a great place to tour your guests. You can also have one attached to the main structure of your home so that it’s like an extra room for plants alone. This makes a good place for an indoor jungle because it’s specifically designed to cultivate plants. It welcomes as much light as possible as if the plants are growing outdoors.

Place a Table Beside the Window

For people who are renting and have to make use of what they have, a table beside the window should do. While larger and taller potted plants don’t need a table to get on the right level to receive sunlight, smaller plants can get the least amount of sunlight on the floor. Think of the table as an indoor pot garden and plants as your decor collection. When you choose to redecorate your room, it’s easy to move your plants around.

To determine where to put plants, it helps to do diligent research before purchasing. This should tell you how much sunlight they need, along with other care tips. Remember that this factor affects how much you water your plants, too. Having wet soil for a long time can lead to root rot and can eventually kill your plant.

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