The role of the emergency dentist


Good oral health is essential for overall well-being and an effective daily dental hygiene routine, as well as regular visits with the dentist is important to help maintain this. Clean and healthy teeth help bring positivity to all aspects of life whilst dental issues and problems with the teeth can have many detrimental effects.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention in the event of an accident or emergency which may affect the teeth. An emergency dentist in Southgate is available for all dental emergencies and the sooner that the teeth can be checked and examined, there is a greater chance of successful treatment and will also help prevent further complications in the future.

What are dental emergencies?

Emergency dentist in Southgate are available for the treatment of many different types of dental emergencies. This can be an ongoing or sudden toothache and should not be ignored as it could be the sign of many other issues such as infection, gum disease or tooth decay and needs to be treated by the dentist immediately to prevent further damage or tooth loss. Emergencies can include chipped teeth and loose or broken teeth as a result of an accident or trauma to the mouth or gum. This can occur whilst playing sports or in the unfortunate event of an accident. This needs to be addressed immediately to help prevent tooth loss as the emergency dentist has experience in such events and can help save the tooth by either using a splint method or anchoring the tooth to a solid tooth to help set it back in place.


The emergency dentist can help with issues with loose or broken dental fillings or crowns. These are also considered emergencies and can either be replaced or restored and if left untreated will result in serious complications such as tooth decay, and may require further treatments such as root canal treatments or in more severe cases may even result in tooth loss.

It is also recommended to visit the dentist urgently to treat problems such as abscesses and facial swelling. These are often painful and uncomfortable issues, and it is essential that the dentist is able to attend to these problems as soon as possible and that treatment is sought immediately for such an emergency to not only help with pain and discomfort but to also help prevent long-term or permanent damage to the teeth and surrounding dentition.

How the dentist can help in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, the dentist will examine the extent of the damage and can help prevent any infection by providing a safe and sterile environment to examine the teeth and cleaning out the mouth where necessary, and can hopefully restore the teeth either temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the injury. The priority of the dentist is the overall good health of the patient’s teeth and all treatments and procedures will be considered to help retain the natural teeth as much as possible and if unfortunately the tooth or teeth can not be saved then other alternatives will be considered until any pain and discomfort can be resolved and until fully functioning of the mouth is completely restored.

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