What is this treatment?

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Orthodontics can be a viable treatment option for many clients. Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. This can be because of an overbite, a crooked smile, gapped teeth or a whole host of other issues. An uneven smile can also be a source of discomfort for some people, it can make eating difficult at the same time as providing problems with speaking fluently. An uneven smile can also have a negative impact on a person’s body image. An orthodontic treatment option may be able to change all this, there are many different forms of this treatment, all it takes is finding the right one for the right patient. Different treatments have different benefits that can work around many different kinds of dental needs. Ultimately, this treatment is designed to move teeth into a more desirable position in order to allow a mouth better overall function.

Are there different types of this treatment?

Orthodontics offer many different forms of treatment including Clarity, a form of ceramic brace with brackets designed to move teeth into their desired position without being too obvious. There are many other treatments that are on offer.

The Damon system is a treatment that combines tieless brackets and high technology archwires.The Essix retainer is a clear retainer which can be used in the final stages of realignment just as a retainer, but can also be used as an alternative aligner too.

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Functional appliances, which use upper and lower braces at the same time are normally used to correct a bite where the top teeth protrude over the bottom ones. These may be fixed or removable, the removable being the most popular in the United Kingdom.

Gemini braces are a treatment that uses metal braces and coloured bands. They are self-ligating braces, they also have brackets with a sliding mechanism allowing an archwire to move in response to a patient’s teeth.

Incognito, is a discreet treatment option whereby the patient’s braces are affixed to the back of their teeth, therefore unobtrusive to any onlooker.  Another very popular type of discreet aligner is Invisalign, using transparent plastic trays in series; normally replaced every two weeks they are virtually invisible, completely removable and easy to maintain.

Finally, Six Month Smiles is another treatment option that is available, which uses a short course of orthodontistry to fix a person’s smile concentrating on the front teeth. The treatment that a patient receives will ultimately depend on what type of brace that they choose. A dentist will work closely with their patient in order to decide on the correct course of treatment for them and their smile. A dentist will always be on hand to answer any questions about the treatment and advise their client on how to care for their mouth during and after treatment.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

The benefits of this treatment are vast. This treatment, as already stated can correct a person’s bite at the same time as aligning the teeth. This correction of the structure of the mouth can have an effect on a person’s ability to chew. With the teeth in their correct position, they are better equipped to break down food. If a client suffers from a speech impairment then they often find this to be reduced as a result of this treatment. With teeth moved into a more convenient position then they become easier to clean and maintain.

As teeth become easier to care for, the likelihood of cavities and other oral diseases becomes reduced. Because teeth have been moved they become less prone to chipping and other accidents. Patients also find that grinding their teeth can also be reduced as a result of this treatment. On top of all of these physical benefits, there can also be some psychological benefits of this treatment. Many clients report having increased self-esteem and confidence as a result of a straighter and healthier smile.

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