A Homeowner’s Guide: Five Signs It Is Time to Replace Windows

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Most homeowners don’t realize when they already need to replace their windows. Windows might look fine from afar, but there might be some signs that show they have serious issues.

While home windows can last for over 20 years, it still depends on the care and maintenance that you provide them. Also, windows are constantly exposed to different elements, such as harmful UV rays, freezing temperatures, and harsh rains and winds. That’s why over time, they can get warped, broken, and damaged. During this time, you can only solve the problem by replacing your windows. Make sure that you hire window installation experts in Salt Lake City for quality work.

1. Your windows are warped or broken

Minor window problems (such as the need for new hardware or weatherstripping) are possible to be repaired rather than have them replaced. However, if your windows are already warped or have a broken frame or sash, replacement is your best option.

If you can hear the wind’s whistle through your windows or you feel the cold air come in around the frames, then most probably, you have drafty windows. These need replacement rather than repairs.

2. You notice a surge in your energy bill

Because of a broken, damaged, or drafty window, you will notice an increase in your energy bill. Why? Because your furnace suddenly needs to work more. This also happens during summer when your air-conditioning unit works overtime in keeping the house cool. Instead of wasting money on wasted energy, it’s better if you invest in new windows instead. You’ll eventually be able to lower your electrical bill again.

3. You have poor window operations

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Windows that are in good condition are easy to close and open. If you’re having trouble closing and opening the windows that it feels like a part of your daily workout routine, then it can be an indication that they need replacement. Remember that a proper functioning window lock is also an extra seal that prevents air from escaping your home. It also provides added security.

4. You see moisture building up between the windowpanes

Krypton or argon gas is injected in between the panes of double-glazed windows for better insulation. An airtight seal should be present in between the panes of the glass to minimize heat transfer. Once the seal is broken, you will notice a build-up of moisture on the inside of the glass’ outside pane. If the seal is cracked, it is a sure sign that you must replace your windows.

5. Your windows have decaying frames

High-quality window frames also decay and rot over time. If exposed to dampness and moisture, windows rot and develop molds. Look closely at the sills and frames of your windows and check if there are signs of mold growth or decay. If there is, then it’s time to seek replacement.

Windows are designed and made to provide airflow, light, and ventilation to our homes. When any of these are compromised, then you have to replace your house windows as soon as possible.

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