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If you are planning a home but do not have enough money for a renovation, you may want to focus on the kitchen. According to Domain, it could increase your property value by as much as $50,000. The question is, what kinds of changes do you need? Which ones are worth the spending?

1. Kitchen Appliance: Smart and Chilled

One word: smart. Homeowners these days are looking for coffeemakers and refrigerators that they can sync with their devices. Otherwise, they want more hi-tech gadgets. Think about Instant Pot or multi-button rice cookers.

One of the most popular kitchen appliances in Melbourne, Vic, is a wine chiller. After all, Aussies love to drink. In a survey by Roy Morgan, around 42% sip wines in four weeks. Wineries are also abundant in Victoria from the famous Yarra Valley to Pinot Coast near the Southern Ocean.

2. Countertop: Not Laminates

Countertops are not only functional, but they can also be visually appealing. That is, of course, you know how to pick. Many people debate between quartz and granite, but most experts like Home Beautiful agree that stones are popular these days. They are easy to clean, gorgeous, and durable.

Your next best option is timber. It works well with concrete kitchen counters and matches with your cabinet doors. Many also view it as environment-friendly or more sustainable. Laminates are some of the cheapest kitchen countertops. They are also easy to maintain, but they can look and feel tacky.

3. Layout: Open and Multifunctional

The open-plan kitchen remains in demand these days not only in Australia but also in Europe. Different interior designers and architects believe this layout creates the illusion of space. It also provides a seamless transition between rooms and offers a bigger area for socialisation.

Kitchens can also be multifunctional. For instance, a high kitchen counter can work as a breakfast corner. This benefit also appeals to many Australians who like to live in smaller—and more affordable—homes.

4. Colour: Dark and Popping

Some would-be homeowners still prefer the more neutral shades for kitchen colour. These include pastel pink, light blue, and dirty white. Darker tones, though, dominated in 2019. This trend may also continue in 2020. One of the award-winning homes in Australia sported black in cabinet doors and walls.

These shades may seem out of place in a busy, fun area like a kitchen. It seems homeowners want to see something more unique and popping. The downside with dark colours is they can make your space appear smaller. To avoid it, you can:

  • Paint only one side of the wall with a dark shade.
  • Use the dark colour for door or drawer handles.
  • Pick dark-coloured stone countertop.

5. Growing Trend: Outdoor Kitchens


Many Australians are also extending their kitchens outdoors. It offers more space for entertainment and helps beat the summer heat. Millennials also tend to prefer homes with lawns and yards, according to a Realtor survey.

The design of outdoor kitchens can be as simple as a terrace with a dining set and a BBQ grill. It can also be elaborate, costing between $50,000 and $100,000. To create the illusion of space, you can match the tiles indoors and the outdoor kitchen.

Renovating costs money, but the rewards often pay off. You can sell your home fast for a more attractive price.

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