Crafting Hacks to Use All the Time

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If you are into crafting, then chances are you are always looking for new hacks that you know you’d be able to use over again. There are lots of tips and hacks you can find all over the Internet, but not all of them are useful. In this guide below, we will give some of the most useful crafting hacks you can try for your next project. From properly using your foam adhesive to making use of styrofoam trays, we have got you covered.

Use a Styrofoam Tray with Sides When Working with Beads

If you are working with small crafting items such as beads and needles, then you might want to use a styrofoam tray with sides. Line these up with a sheet of black or white felt paper so you can see anything that drops on it. This will make your life a lot easier as the beads or needle wouldn’t bounce off it, unlike if you drop it on the floor. This will also make clean-up a lot easier, as you can easily transfer the beads and needles back to their containers from the pan.

Grab Your Hair Dryer

If you are always bothered by those webs of glue after using your glue gun, then you can simply take your hairdryer to use it for melting the leftover glue on your project. Just make sure to be gentle and careful so you would not melt the glue that is keeping your project together.

Get a Hanging Organizer

Losing small crafting items can be frustrating. Storing them in boxes might not be an option for you as well, as this means that you’d have to fish through it before actually finding what you need. To keep things organized, make sure to buy one of those hanging organizers that have clear little plastic pouches in them. You can easily store your beads and other small crafting items, and here so you can easily see and grab them the next time you need it.

Use Petroleum Jelly on Your Projects

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If you are working on a project and you only need to glue a small part of it, make sure to grab a bottle of petroleum jelly and rub it around the area. This way, if you accidentally put glue on areas that you don’t intend to, you can simply take a piece of cloth and wipe the petroleum jelly. This will immediately get rid of extra glue where you don’t need it.

Have a Pack of Baby Wipes on Hand

To clean up everything easily, simply grab a pack of baby wipes and use it to get rid of glue, paint, and glitter. You probably know how difficult it can be to get rid of glitter, so make sure to have a couple of sheets on hand so you can use a fresh one every time.

These hacks can save you from frustration and can keep you focused on your Halloween projects or any other project. Try applying these tips the next time you work on a crafting project to see the difference!

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