How to Make Any Room Look Bigger

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Despite the popularity of these tiny houses, admittedly, no one wants to live in a small, cramped space. It can feel really restricting and uncomfortable. Luckily though, these tiny home ideas bring in several clever interior design tricks that could help make any room feel and look bigger.

Sometimes all you need is just some color touches, mirror arrangement, furniture placement, and curtain choices to make it work. It does not even mean having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to jazz up your place.

So, if you need to pizzazz your small crib, get inspired with these helpful tips.

1. Play with Colors

It is no secret in the interior design world that a room’s color greatly impacts making space appear smaller or bigger.

Since your goal is to make a room appear bigger and brighter, it is suggested that you opt for light paint colors. Walls which are light and bright are more reflective. This makes the space appear more open and ventilated.

On the other hand, darker colors tend to absorb light which makes a room feel smaller. Nonetheless, you can go for accent walls to add a more visual illusion of a wider space.

To achieve the optimum effect of light-colored walls, go for soft hues of green, blue, and off-white.

2. Strategic Curtain Placement

Another way to make any room appear more spacious is by mounting the curtain rod way above the window frame.

It is a proven and tested interior design trick that classic panel curtains placed close to the ceiling help create an illusion of space. Smooth, floor-length panels guide the eyes upward along the entire length of the curtain. This results in an illusion of heights.

It is suggested that for rooms with ceiling moldings, curtains should be hung 4 inches above the window frame. For those rooms without moldings, you may hang curtains up to 6 inches above.

3. Move Furniture Away from the Wall

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but moving your furniture pieces away from the wall helps make a room appear bigger. This nifty trick creates an illusion that the wall is farther than it actually is. All you need is a 3 or 4 inches gap from the wall.

Applying this technique along with decluttering, the thoughtful placing of furniture, and optimizing traffic flow, you can be certain that you can increase the perceived size of any room.

Opt as well for sliding doors with metal studs and tracks to maximize a room. You no longer have to worry about allotting space when you need to open a door.

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4. Let Natural Light In

Increasing natural light is another trick that can make your home appear bigger and wider. Not to mention, natural light is one of the top features people look for when buying a family home.

Allowing natural light to have more access in your home makes the place look cheerful and inviting. Apart from that, it is actually cost-efficient since it means less need to use energy to heat your home.

Opt for bigger and wider windows. If possible, choose doors which have windows on them. When hanging curtains, sheer ones would help achieve this trick.

5. Remove Clutter

Embrace your inner Marie Kondo by keeping your room tidy and organized. Doing this sparks more joy as you free your cramped small space with too much stuff. Having everything neatly arranged or placed out of sight help make your space feel and look more orderly and open.

Aside from this, opt to free the rooms in your house with unnecessary trinkets. Too much decoration can make a room feel crowded. What is suggested is to create a focal point in every area of your home. It could be an accent chair or a huge painting on the wall.

6. Utilize Mirrors

Same with light-colored paint hues and natural light, strategically putting a mirror in a room can make it appear larger and more open than it actually is.

Angle your mirrors towards a focal point to create an illusion of depth. Since mirrors can reflect natural and artificial light, your room can appear brighter regardless of whether it is night or day.

A bonus when you opt to utilize mirrors in making your home bigger is that you can always check your reflection whenever you want to without going into the bathroom.

With these tips, you can make any tiny room in your house look bigger and more open.

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