Why Pastel Colors Are in Fashion

Pastel hues

Pastel colors are light, soft colors with a muted quality. They are often described as dreamy or romantic. Pastels are popular in spring and summer fashion, as they provide a refreshing contrast to the darker colors of winter.

If you’ve been anywhere near a fashion magazine or Instagram feed lately, you know that pastel colors are having a moment. But why are they so popular all of a sudden? Here’s why pastel colors are in fashion right now and how you can use them to stay in fashion.

They remind us of springtime

After a long, dark winter, everyone is ready for some colorful relief. Pastel colors are the perfect way to inject brightness into your wardrobe and remind yourself that warmer days are on the way. Wearing pastels can also be a great way to destress and boost your mood. So if you’re feeling a little down, reach for a pretty pastel sweater or scarf and let the happiness wash over you.

They look good on everyone

Unlike some trends that only look good on certain body types, pastel colors look good on everyone. Whether you’re petite or plus-size, there’s a pastel shade out there that will look great on you. Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, so why not use this trend as an opportunity to try something new? You might be surprised at how good you look in mint green or baby blue.

They’re versatile

Not sure how to style those pastel pink jeans you just bought? Don’t worry. They go with just about everything. Wear them with a white tee and sneakers for a casual style, or pair them with a black blazer and heels for a night out. You can also mix and match different pastel shades to create an eye-catching outfit. Not sure where to start? A light pink top with a lavender skirt is always a winner.

They’re unique

Seeing something different in a sea of black and navy clothing can be refreshing. And while wearing all black does have its benefits (it’s slimming and easy to style), sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and add a pop of color to your outfit. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, pastel colors are definitely the way to go—just make sure you don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up looking like an Easter egg!

They make a statement without being too over-the-top

If you want to make an impact with your clothing but don’t want to go too crazy, pastels are the perfect compromise. They allow you to show off your unique style without being too in-your-face. And since they come in such soft, delicate shades, they lend an air of femininity and romance to any outfit—perfect for date night or ladies’ lunch.

So there you have it. The reasons pastel colors are so trendy right now and how you can use them in your wardrobe. But did you know that your clothes aren’t the only things that can benefit from a touch of pastel? Here are three other ways you can use pastel colors to brighten up your world.

Use them to personalize your accessories such as phone cases

teen looking at his cellphone on a Light blue background

You can find pastel phone cases for almost any phone model, from the iPhone 13 to the Samsung Galaxy. And since they come in such a wide range of colors, it’s easy to find one that matches your personal style. Pastel cases are a great way to add personality to your otherwise mundane tech accessories.

Color your hair and nails with pastel

Not only are pastel hair colors and nail polish shades super trendy right now, but they’re also a great way to experiment with color without going too crazy. If you’ve always wanted to try a pink or purple hair color but weren’t sure if it would suit you, start with a pastel shade and see how you like it. The same goes for your nails—try a light blue or lavender polish and see how you feel.

Add a touch of pastel to your home

If you’re thinking about repainting your home soon, go big and stand out with pastel colors! An exterior home painting service can help you choose the perfect shade for your home and finish the job quickly and efficiently. They’re experts at picking colors that complement each other and will make your house stand out from the rest of your block. Also, your house will surely look pleasing to your neighbors’ eyes.

Pastel colors are in fashion because they’re versatile and unique and make a statement without being too over-the-top. So if you’re looking to add a touch of color to your life, consider opting for one of these soft shades. And don’t forget that pastels aren’t just limited to clothes! You can also use them to personalize your accessories, color your hair and nails with pastel shades, and add a touch of pastel to your home.

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