Great marketing ideas to grow your dental surgery

digital marketing

When it comes to growing any business online you need to focus on marketing.

Which is essentially the updated term for advertising. Depending on what you seek to achieve from this, you may find that this will incorporate search engine optimisation and other methods to grow your dental surgery and attract more patients to it.

Luckily, you do not have to oversee this by yourself. And there are many marketing agencies available that can help you to grow your dental surgery without you needing to lift a finger. How do they do this? Read on for some of the most commonly practised marketing ideas which can help with your surgery’s dental marketing.

social media

Facebook ads

When you are trying to attract patients to your surgery, you will want to do so throughout the local area. As you don’t want to be showing adverts outside of a 20 mile radius. With social media becoming a common marketing tool, there is now a way that you can advertise your surgery through a Facebook advertisement. This is a great way to reach your local audience and you can now use a map card to show the relevant details about your dental surgery. Such as the address, the distance from the website visitor’s location to your dental surgery, the hours of operation and even directions. All through a Facebook advert.

Click-to-call ads

This is of course aimed at those who are accessing your website via a smartphone. So

you will need to have your marketing and SEO strategy up to date to be able to

offer this. This is to help prospective patients book an appointment with your

team. Click-to-call ads are available through a range of websites and can be

added to an existing advert. Or you can add a call-only campaign to see

how this impacts your increase in patients.

Appointment reminders

Another way to grow your dental surgery business is to remind your current patients of when

they have check-ups and appointments. This can be done by email or even a

text message to their smartphone. It can be achieved using any interactive calendar that your surgery uses.

Emergency based keywords

Using emergency based keywords on your website will help attract those Google bots

who will link clients with immediate needs to your surgery. In short, if you have

a patient who is registered with you who needs an emergency filling or

extraction, using emergency keywords on your blog or the standard page will help to

attract them to your surgery.

Referral bonuses

This may be something that is worth trying and it can be offered to your current patients. If they refer their family members or friends, they will get a bonus such as money off their next visit or cosmetic dental work, if this is what you want to offer them.

There are many ways you can use marketing to attract new patients to your website. If you are stuck on where to begin, seek help from a professional marketing team that specialise in dental practices.

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