Stair Safety: Easy Ways to Baby-Proof Your Stairs

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Responsible parents know that childproofing the home is essential for ensuring the safety of their little ones. When baby starts crawling, every place and item inside the house can be a risk to their safety. Even active young kids can get into accidents when playing or running around the home. If you have stairs, that’s the first area that you want to childproof.

The steeper your staircase is, the more attention it needs. Little kids are escape artists and they can make their way even at your home’s restricted areas. The truth is, even if you’re the most attentive parent, you need to pay extra attention to childproofing your staircase.

Keep your kids safe even when you’re not watching them by following these stairs safety tips:

  1. Remove the clutter regularly

The easiest way to make your stairs safe for your kids and everyone else in the house is to constantly clear the clutter. Teach your children not to leave their toys near or on the stairs to prevent slips and fails. Those stray toy cars can cause an accident even to adults. Also, if you have little kids in the house, avoid putting potted plants on the staircase.

Don’t leave your office bags or grocery bags on the stairs when you come home too. Make sure there aren’t books and laundry sitting on the side too. It’s easy to lose your balance when you see a small item in the middle of the steps. If it’s dangerous for you, then it’s more for your little ones.

  1. Set up baby gates

Installing baby gates is still the best way to stop your little ones from going upstairs or downstairs. You need one at the top and bottom of the stairs. Baby gates are widely available online or on local markets. To get the right baby gates, you’ll need to measure the space between your stairs’ two railings or the space between the railing and the wall. Each gate should be mounted at a maximum of three inches from the floor or at floor level.

On top of that, buy ones that aren’t easy to unlock and don’t have gaps that are wide enough for your kids to stick their heads in. For a safer solution, find hardware-mounted gates that require permanent screws or hardware for installation. This way, you have peace of mind that your kids can’t push over the gates.

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  1. Install new railings

If you just bought a house without railings on the stairs or the ones in your current home are spaced too far apart, it’s best to reinstall new ones. A DIY project is possible, but the lack of skills and knowledge can lead to poor standard work. There’s a possibility that the railings you build might even cause accidents instead of preventing them. Shell out some money and hire a professional to do it. An experienced custom metal fabricator is your best bet for getting a custom railing for your staircase.

In addition, they can even assess if your staircase is well supported or not. Depending on the type of your stairs, it’s advisable to have at least one hand railing for safety. However, if you’re renting a property, ask your landlord first if installing new railings is allowed. Furthermore, it’s best to train your kids how to safely climb and descend the stairs using the railings to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

  1. Carpet your stairs

Carpeting is generally an amazing solution for preventing slips and cushioning falls. Plus, it provides a better grip for your kid’s small feet compared to linoleum or hardwood flooring. These can even be more dangerous if your little one is wearing socks. At the same time, it can protect your staircase from daily wear and tear. The tricky part is choosing a good carpet for the staircase. Look for something that’s not too thick and is comfortable underfoot.

Thick carpets can create false treads that can cause falls and slips. As for the carpet fiber, nylon fiber is your best bet. They won’t mat as quickly as olefin fiber or polyester as it’s very resilient. If you want better stain and fade resistance, invest in a solution-dyed nylon fiber.

By following these easy steps, you can create a safer staircase for your kids and prevent trips and falls for everyone else too. If you just had your baby, don’t wait until your little one starts crawling or walking. Childproof your staircase as early as you can. Don’t be confident that you can keep an eye on your child every minute – even the most attentive parent can’t.

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