Eat and Run: The Best Foodie Destinations for After the Pandemic

street food: tacos

The pandemic may have caused people to pine for their favorite food. There is a lot of delicious food that’s out there, but the restrictions have left lots of people unable to taste them for themselves. This is also a big part of why people travel—to sample different cuisine.

The taste differentiates from person to person, but you surely cannot escape the wonder that surrounds different food from foreign destinations. That’s why you shouldn’t forget your dental hygiene and toothpaste bundles when packing your travel essentials—this is because you’re expected to do a lot of eating. Eat if you must, but always remember to keep your dental hygiene in mind, even when away from home.

Here we go: the best food destinations where you can experience the most delicious food that the world can offer. Begin your culinary travel with…


There is a lot of food in Italy, for sure, but you’ll surely want to try pizza and pasta the way they’re meant to be enjoyed. You’re surely going to go here for the food. Must-try’s include lasagna, risottos, Italian-style salami, panna cotta, and a little gelato to wash it all down.

You’re also going to want to try some drinks from this country which has since become famous. These are red wine, sparkling wine, white wine, limoncello, and cappuccino. There are different places where you can get food, and they’re all over Italy.

Go to Bologna and Venice to sample tagliatelle al ragu and lasagna. You should also go to Venice for a dish of polenta a schie and risi I bisi, but that’s not all you can get in Italy. There is a lot of food available here, aside from the culture of the region.


Along with Italy, Mexico is also a pretty old place to visit. There are lots of Spanish-era and Mission-style churches here to satisfy the historian in you. But in Mexico, if you go for the culture, you’re also going to stay for the food, surely.

If you’re in the country, you’re likely to bump into one or more of the delicious food restaurants and stalls offering their native staples. You might’ve had tacos or enchiladas before, but none quite like its original form. Aside from that, you can also sample churros, chicken tortillas, or chiles en nogada, which is traditionally made in a town called Puebla.

street food: tacos

The Netherlands

If you ever find yourself in Europe, book passage to the Netherlands. The food scene here is incredibly diverse and something you need to experience. Vegans and vegetarians will find new ways to create their veggie fare into something more delicious.

The plant-based dish Dutch Weedburger is something you should try. It’s made out of seaweed, though, and not marijuana. There are also different places that are green destinations, like the Meatless District and De Culinaire Werkplaats. Try out the different fares in what is one of Europe’s greenest cities.


Slovenia has been called “Europe in miniature” for a reason. It’s a melting pot of European culture and its cuisine has a mix of all things European—a character of the Eastern European fare, a touch of the Mediterranean, and some bits of Alpine taste here and there, but it still has its own flavor.

The capital, Ljubljana, is something of a hipster paradise nowadays. Coffee shops and burger joints dot the area. But there are old-country restaurants here that offer the best the country has to offer. Ptrsu, zlikrofi, and gibanica cake are just a few of the traditional Slovenian food you can try out.


Who else could forget Japanese cuisine? The country offers a special place in travel destinations for a reason. Japanese food is rather widespread, but to truly savor Japanese food, you have to go to Japan and try them where they came from.

Ramen shops are spread everywhere in Japan, as well as sushi restaurants. But that’s not all the Japanese food you can try out. Soba, udon, tonkatsu, tempura, sashimi, wagashi, and unagi are just a few of the other Japanese fare you can try out. If you love it, you can also sample a bit of their matcha tea (green tea) when you’re already full, or sake (rice wine) when you want.

You absolutely should try all that a country has to offer when you’re traveling. Aside from the culture and history, part of being in another country is the food; it speaks to you from the different flavors and preparations about the story of the people here. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, though, after every meal!

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