7 Home Privacy Ideas to Keep Intruders and Nosy Neighbors Away

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It is important to secure your privacy at home for a variety of reasons. Not only is it necessary to keep your belongings safe, but you also need to protect yourself from criminals and intruders.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve your home security without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss seven simple tips that will help keep your home private and safe.

1. Build a Fence

If what you want is to get rid of nosy neighbors, the best solution is a tall fence. The more it hides from view, the better.

When it comes to fences, you have plenty of options. The cheapest solution is to go with wooden planks or bricks. Those options, however, are often easily climbable, so if you really want to make sure your fence will do the job, go for metal or composite fence panels, which can secure your perimeter while enhancing curb appeal.

To further improve your privacy, plant a row of trees in front of the house. They will not only conceal your house but also help reduce heating and cooling costs by providing a windbreak during summer and creating shelter from the wind during winter.

2. Improve Your Locks

Doors and windows are the main avenues for a burglar to get into your home. To secure them, it is important that you have good locks installed on each of them. Your choices of locks can include cylinder locks, deadbolts, and electric.

Cylinder locks are the most common and can be opened with a spare key if for some reason you lose your main one. Deadbolts offer increased security by adding an additional layer of protection to the door. Electric locks, meanwhile, are the most secure of all, but they require wiring to function.

3. Install Security Systems

If you can afford it, you should make use of home security systems like CCTV cameras and motion sensors. By installing them on your doors and windows, you will be able to monitor who is coming in and out of your house at any given time.

Better yet, motion sensors will immediately send an alert to your smartphone if it detects any movement.

When choosing your CCTVs, by all means, go for high-definition cameras. You might also want to consider installing night vision, so you can monitor your home day and night.

4. Cover the Windows

Window blinds

While having big windows that let in plenty of sunlight is great, they’re also an open invitation for burglars. If you want to improve your home security, cover them with blinds or drapes whenever you leave the house.

If you want ultimate privacy, go for blackout curtains. They are made out of extra-thick fabric that homeowners use to make their homes dark during the day, so nosy neighbors can’t see what’s going on inside.

You can also install a window film, a thin, transparent layer you can attach to your house windows to make it harder for an intruder to break them. They are especially effective against burglars who use high-powered BB guns or slingshots with marbles to shatter glass.

5. Improve Property Lighting

Another simple way to make your home more secure is by installing motion-sensing lights near the entrances of your house. This will make it difficult for someone to approach your home without you noticing.

Make sure they are bright enough so that they light up the entire area, including the sides of the house and any alleys or pathways.

6. Plant Bushes Around the House

Pruning bushes around your house will not only improve its appearance but can also act as a neighbor shield. It is especially effective when you plant them near windows and on the sides of the house where people might be able to climb through to get inside.

You can use bamboo, lavender, junipers, yew, and boxwoods for maximum privacy. In the event that someone manages to climb through a window, they will have a hard time getting in because you can prune them into sharp points.

7. Install Driveway Gates

To keep out strangers or unwelcome guests when you are not at home, install a driveway gate. It is also useful if you want to limit access to deliveries like parcels or flowers during your absence.

To design a driveway get, decide on the height. Most driveway gates are around six feet tall, but you can make them taller or shorter, depending on your needs. Choose the materials. The most common are wood, metal, and composite materials.

Improving your home security is not as difficult as it seems. With these tips, you can reduce the risk of experiencing a break-in or even getting the attention of your prying neighbors.

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