Seven Home Upgrades That Can Help You Enjoy the Outdoors More

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Spending time outdoors is imperative to maintaining good health—both physical and mental. Even by just sitting around on the patio on a warm afternoon, your brain can produce enough serotonin to keep the stress at bay and replace it with positive feelings. And if you live with family, spending time together outside is a great method of productive bonding.

But what if your yard is not exactly “fun” to hang out in? If this is the case, here are some of the best upgrades that can help you enjoy the outdoors better than ever before.

1. Roofing system

Unpleasant weather can take all of tall the of outdoor activities, be it pouring rain or excessive heat from the sun. If you want to spend more time outside regardless of the weather, an insulated roof for your patio is the best solution. Aside from providing good shade for your patio, this type of roofing system can help prevent the area underneath from getting too hot or cold. Better yet, such a system can increase your home’s ROI and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

2. Fire pit

Why wait until your next camping trip to gather around the fire and create happy memories together?

Installing a fire pit in your backyard is one of the best ways to make your landscape more enjoyable. The warmth from the fire can make it more enticing to stay outside at night, and the light from the flames sets a warm ambiance in the yard. In other words, a fire pit is a great place to congregate with friends and family while sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, and simply basking in each other’s presence.

3. Patio

If you don’t have one yet, you should seriously consider building a patio in your backyard. Apart from increasing your living space, a patio can also provide a high ROI (usually around 70%). Here, you can do all sorts of outdoor activities, such as exercising or sunbathing, and it makes a great place to entertain guests.

You can also consider adding more features to your patio to increase its enjoyability and overall functionality. Examples include awnings, outdoor furniture, a mini garden, and an outdoor fireplace, among others.

4. Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen usually consists of a stovetop, an oven, and a sink. Other features can include a refrigerator, a built-in icebox, and a grill. Whatever features there may be, an outdoor kitchen is a major lifestyle upgrade that can definitely make the outdoors a lot more enjoyable.

With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy meals and entertain guests outside. More than that, cooking outdoors also helps you save energy since the heat won’t get trapped inside your home (which can result in higher electric bills). And if you enjoy holding barbecues in your backyard, an outdoor kitchen may be just the upgrade you need.

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5. Swimming pool

A swimming pool requires quite a large investment, and it is not always the best upgrade for all types of homes. For instance, if you live in an area that is quite cold all year round or if you have limited space in the backyard, then building a pool may not be the best choice for you.

But if you have the space, the budget, and live in an area with the right temperature, a pool can make your backyard a lot more fun. Every day feels like a vacation; you can take a dip anytime you want as long as the weather permits, you have a better reason to sunbathe in your backyard, and guests will love coming to your house to swim, among many other benefits.

6. Gazebo

A gazebo is an outdoor structure, usually made out of wood, that serves as an extension of your outdoor living space. Here, you can sit around in the shade while the breeze passes through the slats; the perfect place to enjoy some iced tea while reading your favorite book.

7. Hot tub

Nothing says a lifestyle upgrade than an outdoor hot tub. Picture yourself relaxing amidst all the bubbles and letting your stress melt away with the hot water—this mental image should be enough for you to consider making this upgrade for your home.

If you find your backyard plain and boring, now is the best time to start considering some upgrades that can make it more enjoyable. While most of the upgrades on this list may require a hefty investment, they are likely to pay off in the end—both in the form of increased ROI and a better outdoor space to enjoy with your friends and family.

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