What Your Commercial Bathroom Should Have


Whether you are running a club, a gym, a restaurant, or a shopping center, the bathroom is one of the most important areas in your commercial space. It can affect the consumer’s perception of your practices and standards, which can determine the amount of foot traffic you receive as well as the brand reliability you can build up. Maintaining proper sanitation and a good design is important when setting up your bathrooms.

Here are some things you should take account of:

  • Well-built cubicles

This is not something you should go cheap on, as people need to feel safe and comfortable making use of these spaces. From the design of your partitions to the materials used to make them easier to clean, the aesthetic and function of these stalls need to evoke hygiene.

This is true in any public restroom but rings with even more importance and needed care in design when considering spaces that include shower cubicles. For example, in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health even released guidelines for people searching gyms on what they should look for in facilities for health and wellness. They included the suggestion to check shower rooms and changing areas thoroughly for their cleanliness before making a decision.

Incorporate slick designs with no cavities and make use of materials that are inherently antibacterial when having these built.

  • Functional sinks

SinkOne of the biggest gripes that people have with bathrooms in the commercial sector is their perceptions of how clean surfaces they have to interact with. A survey revealed that a fourth of people don’t like touching faucets and feel even iffier when the sink is not working well.

Data revealed that the majority of consumers would no longer return to an establishment or even recommend it if they perceive the restroom as dirty, unkempt, or not well-managed. Using a simple design that is easy to maintain is a good idea, and you may even benefit from investing in an automated system that releases water and soap using a sensor. This also encourages better hygiene practices, as people are more likely to skip the soaping step in their handwashing process if they don’t feel like the facilities are clean.

  • Advanced toilets

While using the most high-tech systems may not always be feasible for budgets, it could be a wise choice to integrate automated flushes within your toilet fixtures. Old-looking toilets are another of the most common complaints people have reported when assessing commercial restrooms.

Consumers don’t want to handle faulty flush mechanisms and clogged toilets. They will usually steer clear of patronizing businesses that don’t take care of this key fixture in the restroom. Even if you don’t use complete digitalization, you can incorporate more modern flushing networks and ensure that you are maintaining the proper upkeep within your toilets and stalls.

You should make sure that your commercial bathroom has all of these facilities and features. This way, you are investing in a continued business and a better sanitary environment for both consumers and workers.

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