Safe Outdoor Activities You Can Do While Physical Distancing

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While the best decision right now is to stay at home unless you need to run errands, staying indoors for extended periods isn’t good for both your mental and physical health. Human beings are social and active creatures that need stimulation, and a severe lack of it can result in cabin fever. Although heading outside increases the risk of spreading the virus, there still remains many outdoor activities that you can enjoy while remaining safe and practicing physical distancing guidelines. The trick is to stay outdoors, socialize only with a small group of people, maintain a distance of 6 feet (1.83 m) from other individuals, and follow basic hygiene practices. Below are just a few activities that ensure that you can have fun and keep safe at the same time.

Visiting a national park

There’s plenty of things to do with friends and family at a national park, such as camping and hiking. Certain parks have unique activities that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. For example, you can go horseback riding in Yellowstone National Park, while in Zion National Park, you can join their popular national park tours. There’s plenty of things to both enjoy and learn while spending a day at a national park.


Tending to a garden is a safe and healthy activity that anyone can enjoy, either alone or in the company of family or a small group of friends. You can choose to do it in your own backyard, or you can rent a plot in a community garden. Looking after your health is especially important during this time, so this is a great opportunity for you to grow healthy and delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs which you can then harvest and use in your own meals.

Renting an Airbnb

Enjoy a staycation by booking an entire Airbnb unit for yourself or your family and friends. Just be sure to quarantine with your vacation partners for at least two weeks before heading out. For extra safety, bring cleaning materials and give the unit a thorough cleaning once you arrive. Avoid using any common areas that the rental has, such as a gym or a swimming pool.

man fishing by the lake


Locate the river or lake nearest to you and try your hand at fishing. Although you’re required to have a fishing license to do so, some states are actually waiving the requirement for one for the time being. Check with your local authorities to see if you need one before you set off.

Going to a drive-in theater

Even if cinemas are slowly reopening at limited capacity, it’s still quite risky to visit one. You can still enjoy a good movie by visiting a drive-in movie theater which allows you to watch a movie in the comfort of your own car while maintaining physical distance from other movie-goers.

Scenic driving

The cheapest and perhaps the safest way to get out of the house is to take a scenic drive. You don’t necessarily need a destination. You just have to drive around, enjoy the sights, and go down paths you might never have traveled before. Want to make the trip more memorable? Pack some snacks, bring your friends and family, prepare some car games, and curate a road trip playlist. It’ll be a unique experience that you’re going to treasure forever.

Cabin fever is a very real thing, and more people are still going to be experiencing it this far into the pandemic. These safe outdoor activities will help stave off those stir-crazy feelings without the risk of infection.

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