Celebrity Tips: How Your Favorite A-listers Stay Healthy and Fab

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Some celebrities have caused chaos in the industry at some point in their lives. Because apparently, the world of celebs isn’t all about glitz and glam. If there’s one thing we can agree on, like other careers, being a celebrity requires sweat, blood, and tears.

What’s even more apparent is that show business can be stressful too. But despite all these challenges, many superstars prefer to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep themselves fit and happy. They know that a healthy lifestyle is about building positive habits that would benefit their overall well-being. So let’s find out the secrets of your favorite celebs in staying in shape and healthy.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Most celebrities believe that the secret to healthy and glowing skin is staying hydrated. Celebrity like Gabrielle Union follows a strict water habit to maintain her youthful glow. In fact, she ensures to drink a gallon of water every day as she thinks that water keeps her nails, hair, and skin healthy.

Even lifestyles coaches and nutritionists believe that the secret to staying fit and keeping your skin firm is by hydrating all day, every day. Plus, water keeps you energized and focused, which is essential if you’re working in the busy entertainment industry.

Healthy Eating Habits

Thanks to many eating healthy habits that Goldie Hawn developed, she is looking fresher and better despite her age. One of the essential habits that she practices is eating mindfully. What does eating mindfully mean? It means understanding your body’s signs if it’s physically hungry or just emotionally hungry.

Notice how some people binge eat when they are stressed; that is one example of emotional hunger. They don’t know how to relieve their stress, so they eat a lot even though they aren’t hungry at all.

It’s easy for celebrities to fall prey to emotional hunger. After all, the entertainment industry is stressful, and it could take a toll on their mental health. To prevent this, consult a professional health coach so you can control your hunger and understand your body’s algorithm.

Sadly, many celebrities cannot find the right way to overcome binge eating. And this is why some of them suddenly gain weight in a short period. In worst cases, they might even need to enroll themselves into binge-eating treatment programs so they can bounce back and look better on camera.

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Exercise Regularly

Our healthy lifestyle list will not be complete without regular exercise. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Mark Wahlberg make fitness a priority despite their busy schedules. And believe it or not, many celebrities work out almost every day to stay in shape and be active.

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce stress and feel good about yourself. It doesn’t only help you stay fit; it also enables you to stay in a good mood, sleep better, and maintain a healthy weight. Fitness experts highly recommend regular exercise as it’s beneficial for your body, brain, and stamina.

Keep a Food Journal

Carrie Underwood admits that keeping a food journal is one of her ways to maintain her fit physique. The vegan enthusiast has been proudly keeping a journal for as long as she can remember as it helps her track her diet and avoid unhealthy meals. Experts agree that keeping a food journal is a great way to stay attentive about your food, which is vital if you want to lose or gain weight.

Here are the advantages of having a food journal:

  • It helps you remember what you’ve eaten.
  • Allows you to track calories to know where you need to improve.
  • It informs you if you need to eat more or less.
  • Gives you the information you need to adjust your diet.
  • Prevents emotional hunger and binge eating.

Avoid Food Deprivation

If you have comfort food, eat it. Do not deprive yourself or feel guilty about eating food that makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, you are taking care of your physical and mental health altogether.

Jennifer Anniston is known for her youthful look and fit body, but she never denies herself comfort food when she needs them, and you should do the same. Why? Because the more you deny yourself comfort foods, the more you deprive yourself. And when you’re restrained, you eat a larger portion thinking that you deserve it after depriving yourself. As a result, you eat more and gain more weight.

Celebrity or not, you should also start switching to a healthier lifestyle. You don’t really need to spend too much on health coaches, experts, or nutritionists. As long as you eat balanced and nutritious meals and stay physically active, then you’re good to go. In some instances, you might need to hire a professional instructor to achieve your goals in better ways.

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