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If a relationship breaks down, for whatever reason, it is never an easy or pleasant thing. This is particularly true in cases where children are involved and custody and other crucial decisions must be made between the two parties, who are often not on the best of terms.

Rather than let anger, emotions and frustration get the better of you and potentially cloud your judgement or decision making – it is recommended that anyone who is going through a divorce or separation should contact a trustworthy family solicitor in Portsmouth. In doing so they can be sure that their best interests will be looked after by a level-headed, understanding solicitor who will do all they can to achieve an amicable agreement between all those involved.

What does a family solicitor do?

A family solicitor’s primary aim, when dealing with cases involving the separation of two partners – is to come to a solution which both parties can agree to, within the fastest time possible. As you may imagine, it takes a certain degree of finesse on the part of a family solicitor when dealing with couples who are going through what is probably one of the most challenging and trying times in their relationship.

A good family solicitor will do all that they can to help all of the involved parties come to an amicable solution, regardless of their personal feelings or the reasoning behind the separation. In cases where children are involved, the family solicitor will prioritise their needs and place them in front of any factors when making a decision about custody or compensation.

What else does a family solicitor deal with?

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Besides separations, a family solicitor can also lend their expertise to help deal with the legal aspects of arrangements before marriage, cohabitation, unmarried partnerships, civil partnerships, international and cross-border related disputes and relationship planning.

Each case that is handled by a family solicitor is viewed as an individual, private matter where a cost-effective, sensitive approach will be used to help guide all those involved in an amicable solution.

Professional council and guidance

Unlike other aspects of law, family solicitors play a distinctly human role when dealing with their clients. Their approach is both formal and professional, yet friendly and approachable. As no two relationships are ever the same, it is the job of reliable family solicitors to find an approach which will achieve a result which reflects the best interests of their client.

Family solicitors understand the stresses and strains that their clients can be under, especially when dealing with divorces and separations. Therefore many of them offer an initial no-obligation telephone call with their client. This free call lets the client familiarise themselves with the family solicitor and gives them an opportunity to offer friendly legal advice and support as well as establishing what their client’s aims are and how best they can achieve them going forwards.

Dealing with a separation or divorce can be a potentially overwhelming undertaking, especially during what is already a rough time. This is why a family solicitor is of such importance, as they will represent your best interests fairly and help to share the load of any financial or practical worries you may have about the future.

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