Making a Memorable First Date

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Most people have experienced going out on a first date. Most would not describe the event as something that they have enjoyed. The hours before are a bunch of nerves as one prepares. The first few minutes are awkward as you get to know each other. From that point forward, it would be a different story for each person. In a place such as Phoenix, Arizona, you would never run out of first-date venues. Once the place has been set, it is now time to keep the ball rolling.

The Correct Ensemble

You can visit some clothing boutiques to find the perfect outfit for the day. Think of style, comfort, and functionality. You would not want to be too plain. Still, you would not want to be chic but uncomfortable, either. Find something that fits you and your personality.

Do not forget the accessories and shoes to match your clothes. Every little detail contributes to the whole. Proper hygiene counts, too. This prepping up is not only to present a beautiful façade. Looking good and knowing it adds to your confidence.

The Right Perspective

Having the right perspective from preparation time up to the parting time can help you have a good date. Preparations should not be full of nerves. Do not think of how things would turn out wrong. Instead, try to be as relaxed as possible. Listen to a happy song and sing along with it. Chat with a friend. Do anything to keep a happy vibe. It will spill over when you meet your date.

Be hopeful but not expectant. Preparing yourself for the possibility that things might not go as you desire should not lead to self-judgment or judgment of others. Accept that things sometimes do not turn out as you prefer them to be.

Engage in Vibrant Conversation

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It is natural to start a conversation with basic questions that will help you get your date better. Share common interests and similar stories. You will see how the two of you will get along if you can hold a conversation with him. Arthur Aron, a social psychology researcher, conceptualized 36 questions to help you know someone better. Not all these are fit for first-date encounters, but you can draw inspiration from some of them.

Communication is not limited to what you say. It is also seen in how you move. Your body language can tell if you are interested in your date, and vice versa. Be mindful of body cues to see how the date is faring.

Having a conversation is not just filling time with words. Show genuine interest to what your date has to say. Ask questions if you are not familiar with what they are saying. Never pretend to know everything. Curiosity is attractive for some.

Use Food as a Clue

What is in a person’s plate tells a lot about them. Also, it is an indicator of common interest. Do you share the same taste over dishes? Food is a great way to connect people. An interesting study also reveals that eating the same food is a great building block for closeness and trust.

First dates can give you a lot of nerves. But with the right approach, it is a great avenue to finding a lasting relationship. Doing it well entails a lot of work, but the good outcomes are worth it.

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