#TravelGoals: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Asia

Travel Goals

Asia is home to the best wonders of the world. That’s why it has been the favorite of adventurers, thrill-seekers, and foodies from across the globe. But for some travelers, the continent remains unchartered territory. If you’re one of those who are still having second thoughts, these things will urge you to pack your bag and book your flight now.

Indulge in Good Food

Ask seasoned travelers who have been in Asia, and they’ll tell you the same thing about the food— it’s a valid reason to visit and stay on that side of the globe. Whether or not you have a picky palate, the rich cuisine won’t fail to please. Perhaps one of the best things about traveling for food in Asian countries is that looking for a place to dine in is practically effortless. Hit the street, and you’re already in for a gastronomic journey. Carts and stalls filled with flavourful treats await you as you explore the busy alleys and markets.

Take Xiaolongbao from Shanghai, China, for example. This bite-sized staple, which loosely translates to “little buns in a steaming basket,” won’t only satisfy your hungry tummy but will also excite your taste buds with a salty punch. Xiaolongbao is so good that even Anthony Bourdain found it so irresistible and featured it on a No Reservation’s episode.

Places that Thrill the Senses

Awe-inspiring, breathtaking, most sought-after—muster all the adjectives you know to describe a beautiful place; Asia will do each one of them justice. From cultural attractions rich with history, big cities teeming with vibrant nightlife, inviting white-sand beaches, and everything in between, the continent has something for every kind of traveler.

Want some quiet time to meditate? Bali, Indonesia, is the place to be. The mystical island paradise, boasting of thick jungles and calming rice fields, can quickly put you in the highest state of relaxation. If you’re looking for some action, fly right away to Coron, Palawan, in the Philippines. Where else can you soak in hot springs, snorkel on a WWII shipwreck, island-hop, enjoy the beach, and go on a hike in one place? No wonder it’s dabbed as one the world’s best Island.

Two Words: Better Health

healthy travel

When you travel, you get to escape from the stresses of daily life, boost social connections, and move in ways you never thought possible. Besides the promise of new experiences, mental and physical health benefits are probably the most valid excuse to use your remaining vacation days off work. For you to reap these benefits, though, merely flying from one destination to another won’t cut it. You have to aim for immersion and engagement during your travels. Talk with the locals, get moving, and make the most out of your trip. Do the things you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do at home.

Generally speaking, even when you don’t feel particularly ill, traveling is good for your health. However, if you have an illness or medical condition to address, take advantage of your trip to Asia. Various treatments are offered across the continent. For instance, if you’re suffering from a sports injury, a state-of-the-art clinic in Singapore might be able to help you recover and get back to action. Be sure, however, that you’re fit enough to travel.

Food, places, and health benefits are just among the plethora of reasons why you should add Asia to your travel bucket list. Set your feet on the continent, and you’ll find even more reasons to stay.

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