Money-saving Methods for International Students

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Due to the demanding class hours and workload, a significant percentage of university students don’t work. Therefore, it can be stressful for them to support their life. If you enroll in a London university as an international student, you need to learn ways and strategies to help you live comfortably without stretching your budget. Here are money-saving tips for international students in London.

1. Choose Affordable Student Accommodation

It can be expensive to rent an apartment in London, especially if your school is around a high-end location. Therefore, you should consider student accommodation options, such as university halls.

However, if you don’t want to live in the university hall, you can check out affordable student accommodations. If you research well, you can find a room in a private student hall and share communal areas, such as the study room, kitchen, and TV room, with other students. They might not be as cheap as university halls, but they are more affordable than renting an apartment. They are also convenient and designed to suit the needs of the students.

2. Use Student Discounts

college studentsMost London businesses offer students discounts, and you can take advantage of them to save money. This includes movie theaters, clothing stores, flight tickets, hotels, Wi-Fi, and sightseeing, among others. Since most of them don’t usually advertise it, you should not shy off from asking for discounts.

You will be required to show your ISIC card or university ID to get the deal, and any offers available to students. Also, check out applications such as UNiDAYS as they always offer discounts on a wide array of things which can significantly save you money.

3. Get a Part-time Job

It can be hard to work full time due to the busy school schedule, but you can manage a part-time job. You can try to get a part-time job in a restaurant inside the campus. But if your course is too demanding, you should consider online jobs. This way, you can work from your room at night or during your spare time and get a few pounds to support your daily life.

4. Attend University Events

You should attend university events as they always offer free things such as food, gym membership cards, and vouchers. On some occasions, you can get free books and stationery that you can use for the studies. Besides, you will have fun and learn many new things, which might help you in the future.

5. Use Public Transport

If you want to move around, you should use public transport. Avoid taxis as they can be expensive in the long run. With time, you will know how to move around, and you will quickly locate bus and train stations. Ensure that you have an oyster card since they are way cheaper than paying transport with cash.

Studying in London is exciting as you get to experience a new culture and explore the beautiful city. However, if you don’t plan well, you might end up struggling financially. Therefore, if you are an international student in London, you should apply these tips to help you save money.

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