5 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Wore Braces

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Celebrities’ physical appearance matters since it is considered as one of their assets in a job with so much pressure and watchful eyes observing their every move. And as a job that requires closeups and focuses on their faces, and the enunciation and delivery of dialogues and songs clearly for the audience to understand, having a perfect set of pearly whites is almost an unspoken requirement in the world of Hollywood.

However, not all celebrities whom we see as completely swoon-worthy now were born lucky with straight sets of teeth. Here are a few of those A-list celebrities whom you probably didn’t know took a trip to their orthodontics clinic just like any local would.

Tom Cruise

The Academy Award Nominee and three-time Golden Globe Winner, sported braces as an adult and you could clearly see the changes of his teeth from his first film debut in Endless Love (1981), as a supporting role in the film The Outsiders, and then finally starring as a young adult in the 1983 film, Risky Business. Fixing the soon-to-be A-list actor’s crooked teeth proved to be a not so impossible mission to accomplish.

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Justin Bieber

Despite being one of the biggest pop singers right now, and have the public witness the growth of The Biebs from a young teen heartthrob, to a full-grown married man, people would still be surprised to find out he actually wore braces during the early stages of his career. Bieber wore invisalign braces as a teenager, with a video proof he even took himself to show fans. It might not have been the traditional metal braces, but still, it was a huge help for the Biebs to achieve his now perfect smile.

Kendall Jenner

The Jenner siblings probably have the most shocking glow-ups in years, recognizing the massive change from their throwback photos looming around the internet from when they were teenagers and comparing them now as adults. For Kendall Jenner though, one of the changes that happened was her wearing braces.

Although she admitted to not wearing her retainers after the braces were taken off, her teeth returned to being crooked, and she had to wear invisalign braces again at 16. It definitely helped the model achieve her picture-perfect smile, and her story should serve as a warning for people who don’t wear their retainers regularly.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter star rocked braces during her younger years and the early beginnings of her career. There are even clips and high-definition photos of the actress adorably rocking the traditional braces in red carpet appearances. So Hermione Granger didn’t use any special spells or wizardry to have such a perfect smile. She also wore braces for four months during the set and filming of the third and fourth installments of the Harry Potter series.

Britney Spears

As a young singer, Britney Spears was known to wear braces at the start of her career, and it surely didn’t stop her from hitting those high notes. But the pop icon also revealed in one of her Instagram posts that she was currently wearing retainers after answering a fan question about her favorite Disney movie. Her caption read that if it sounded like she has a lisp, it’s probably because of her retainers.

The first few months or years of wearing braces might be terrifyingly scary at first, but even these A-list celebrities prove that it is worth every single pain or discomfort in the long run.

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