Creative Projects that Breathe Life to Your Old Household Items

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By now, people are used to spending most of their time indoors. Work and school can be done from home, and there is literally nowhere else to go. People have been looking for ways to get busy as boredom is inevitable when in isolation.

Some people would go through and clean out their cupboards. As shopping in malls is limited these days, people are only settling to buy only the essentials. People are also big on recycling and reusing items as the world has accumulated more waste with the mandatory use of face masks and other personal protective equipment.

A great benefit of reusing and repurposing old items is maximizing the life of the items that we already own. We are also able to be creative with the things that we make. Another benefit is the positive impact that it can bring our emotional and mental well-being.

For people who experience stress and anxiety, engaging in an artistic or inventive task can improve one’s mental well-being. Take out your scissors, glue, and your wild imagination, and check out these creative ideas that will do a great project.

Transform old wood and old furniture into a hanger

If you’re into DIY projects, you probably have scrap wood lying around the house that’s waiting to be touched. A good way to turn your scrap wood into something creative is to convert it into a hanger. Just put a few nails and hooks, and you’re good to go. You can use this hanger to store keys, jewelry, and many more.

Convert your old tires into fashionable wreaths

What can you do with old tires? Disposing of old tires can be a challenge. However, your old tires can find new life if you use your imagination. You can convert your tire into a hanging display. You can use this for some of your figurines, photos, and other items for display.

Tires would also be a great makeshift pot for your beautiful orchids and daisies. You can either use the tires as potholders or as pots themselves.

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Repurpose your old cups into succulent pots or pen holders

Your old cups can find a new purpose as a home to your new succulents. You do not have to do anything else with it. You have to put the succulents in the cups, just like putting them in a pot. Taller cups can serve as makeshift pen holders. You can use this to add texture or edge to your plain workspace.

Turn boxes and old packaging into useful and stylish storage

In the age of self-isolation and online shopping, deliveries would usually arrive in boxes or bags. This kind of packaging would often crowd our garbage bins.

Turn your boxes into a creative windowsill pot for your mini-garden at home. You can turn non-recyclable bags into a waterproof liner for your green haven. Your old glass containers for cosmetics can also be transformed into makeshift vases. Moreover, you can use shoe boxes as dividers for your shelves and cabinets. Just paint and design these to your liking.

Use your old clothes and create new stylish items

Has your taste in fashion changed over the pandemic? You can turn clothes you no longer use into cushion covers, quilts, or blankets. You can turn anything into a fashion statement if you want to. Whether you want to turn your denim pants into a handbag or do something totally different, you can find inspiration over the internet.

Even the biggest fashion brands are turning their scrap materials into high fashion. Also known as the deadstock, designers bring to life clothing wastes by using these for new clothes. This is the fashion industry’s answer to fast fashion and sustainability. If Burberry can do It, so can you.

Revamp your work from home space with paper scrap

Your home is full of materials that you can use to upgrade your workspace. You can use your left-over gift wrappers or paper bags that you have collected back when shopping in stores was a thing. You can cover your tables, walls, notebooks, and more with these “scrap” items.

Make a wine rack out of empty cans

The lockdowns might have forced you to eat things out of a can. Now that you have one too many, it’s time to turn your empty cans into something more useful, like a wine rack. Remove the ends of the cans, smoothen the edges, paint them, and glue them together.

There are plenty of other projects that you can do if you just let your creative juices run wild. By repurposing your old items, you are not just doing yourself a favor; you also help the environment by doing sustainable projects.

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