Why is Invisalign so popular?


You may have heard about Invisalign Welwyn, and may be wondering why it is growing in popularity, and what it can do for your smile. When you have this treatment, there are a lot of great benefits that you can enjoy, from start to finish. The aligners used and the process of using them is quite unique, and very effective.

What is it?

Before going into the advantages of Welwyn Invisalign, you will probably want to know how everything works. The process is extremely simple, and the average treatment time can vary from 6-18 months. How long it takes to complete the treatment all depends on your individual needs, such as how misaligned your teeth are.

A consultation will firstly be needed with your chosen dentist, so that you can talk about the treatment with them, take scans and examine your teeth. Once this is completed, your scans will be sent off to a dental lab so that your custom aligners can be made. These aligners are made out of a thin, clear plastic material that fits your teeth perfectly. You will be given multiple aligners at a time, usually changing between them every 2-3 weeks. Every aligner is a slightly different shape, moving your teeth into a straighter position.


What are the benefits?

When you have Invisalign in Welwyn, you will see how simple yet effective it is. There are many benefits that will come from having this treatment, both for appearance and your oral health.

Clear aligners

One of the main things that makes this treatment stand out are the aligners that you will use throughout. They are made out of clear plastic and are moulded to fit your teeth, which means they are practically invisible! This is such a great benefit if you have a more professional career or busy social life, as you won’t draw any unwanted attention to your teeth during the process.


The comfort of the aligners are also a great benefit that comes with this treatment. When you are straightening your teeth, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable whilst you are doing it, so this treatment is great for that. The aligners are made out of plastic, meaning they are nice and soft on your teeth and gums.

Removable aligners

Having a removable aligner can be really beneficial for a few reasons, because it can bring more freedom to your teeth straightening experience. Instead of having a fixed dental appliance in your mouth, you will be able to remove the aligners when it comes to things such as eating and drinking. This means there are no restrictions on what foods you can eat, which is a benefit in itself! The aligners being removable also makes cleaning them a lot easier, as you won’t have to fiddle around in your mouth, you can simply remove them and clean them with ease.

No surgeries

If you are a more nervous person when it comes to getting dental treatments, but still want to be able to straighten your teeth, then this treatment could be perfect for you. No surgeries are required throughout the whole process, only a simple examination at the beginning, and wearing the aligners is needed.

Disclaimer: Any dental treatment can carry risks, make sure you discuss these with your dentist before going ahead.

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