Making Your Home Modern from the Outside

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Have you taken a look at the exterior of your home recently and felt like you were looking at a time capsule, but not in a good way? That is a sign that your home is due for an update.

But first, what does modernizing your home really mean? A common mistake is to use the term “modern” interchangeably with “contemporary.” Modern is actually a specific style that was popularized in the 1900s to the 1950s.

Boosting the curb appeal of your home in the modern style emphasizes two qualities: function and simplicity. When modernizing your home, use neutral, carefully thought-out pieces that fulfill a purpose in the room they are placed in.

How do you accomplish this to make your home’s exteriors look fresh and new?

Five Small Ways to Modernize Your Exteriors

The great thing about revamping your exteriors in the modern style is that it does not require big renovations. Small changes have big effects when you go modern.

1. Set Up a Brand New Fence

Defined lines are one of the features that characterize a home designed in the modern style. Emphasize these by having aluminum fence panels installed around your property. A sleek black fence quickly brings your outdated home exteriors into the present.

A bold and sturdy fence also adds a layer of security to your home. A fence that makes a statement makes a statement is an effective deterrent for trespassers who have bad intentions. It also keeps wild animals from entering your lot and damaging your yard or lawn.

Finally, a fence makes the boundaries of your property lines clear. It gives you more privacy and prevents possible issues with your neighbors that could come up if your home’s boundaries are not apparent.

2. Give Your Exteriors a Paint Job

Your home’s exteriors are regularly exposed to light, heat, and moisture, making the paint more prone to fading and chipping than the interior parts. When it has cracked and changed with time, any passerby will see your home and have the impression that it is poorly cared for.

Prevent this by giving your outdoor walls a facelift via a brand new paint job. In keeping with the modern feel, choose light and neutral colors, such as shades of white.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little by adding a pop of color to a part of your exteriors. You can paint your door a brighter color, but try a shade that is still on the warmer and more subdued side, such as a muted red or blue.

light fixtures

3. Install New Light Fixtures

Good lighting can give a huge improvement to the overall look and feel of your home. Aside from making it look safer, it also adds a layer of sophistication to its exteriors.

Modern light fixtures are great because their simple designs are straightforward and no fuss. You don’t have to use just one kind of fixture. Play around with sconces, step lights, and mounted lights to achieve a clean and well-lit exterior that stays true to the modern style.

4. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Because going for a modern feel emphasizes that everything you place in a certain space needs to have a function there, on the one hand, it makes furniture buying easier. On the other hand, only being limited to what you will use is a challenge. Make this a mini exercise in only buying what you need and staying within budget.

Strip it down to the basics, such as outdoor seating, tables, shades, and carpets. Go for pieces that aren’t fussy or fluffy, with colors that match the overall color scheme of your exteriors.

Since the furniture will be placed outside, make sure you choose ones made from materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Think about the conditions it will be exposed to regularly so you can settle on the right furniture that can withstand rain, heat, and regular use.

5. Go Minimal on Decorations

Decorations do not perform a particular function in your exteriors, so they are not “necessary” to complete your modern style. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have them at all.

Items with a natural feel, such as different kinds of plants, make a good addition to your minimalist space. Coffee table books on topics you are interested in also add some personality to your space.

When redesigning your exteriors, you ultimately want a place that is modern and entirely still your own. It doesn’t have to look like it came straight out of a magazine! Follow the rules and play around with them to achieve a modern exterior that is yours.

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