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Too much time in the house can make your mind wander into thoughts of breaking free and traveling for a long-deserved vacation. Certain situations might be preventing you from leaving, but you can make sure you’ll get the vacation you are hoping for if and when you finally get the chance.

Know Your Destination

Use the extra time you have to read up on the place you want to visit. Make sure the place meets your expectations and don’t rely on just photos. Consider the weather as well as the climate. Too much humidity can ruin a trip if you’re not used to it and there’s little you can do to escape the heat if you’re on a remote island. Not every place you go to will speak your language. A simple phrasebook and a little miming should be enough to get your message through if you want to travel extensively, but having a guide will probably be better. Plan your itinerary and activities.

Spontaneity can be good, but you’ll miss out on a lot of activities if you don’t prepare or budget your time. If you want to go diving or spelunking, take a course before your vacation. The right skills and certifications will give you access to a broader range of activities and adventures normally barred to newbies. Read reviews so you’ll know what to watch out for, the types of food that might give sensitive stomachs the runs, and bugs that bite if ever there are any.


Unlock Special Locations

Digging on your own can only get you so far and you won’t get access to hidden gems or remote private islands. Certain travel agencies or luxury travel consultants have strong connections with resort owners and they could even hook you up with a secluded island without breaking your budget. Travel consultants will also have experience visiting these destinations, giving them a broader view of the activities, locations, and food that you’ll likely encounter. They can also custom your vacation to your expectations as well as fulfill any requests you have beforehand. Having an agent will also eliminate booking problems just in case you’ll need to switch flights due to unforeseen circumstances.


Once you get to the airport, leave all thoughts of your normal life behind. Leave most of your electronics at home, especially your phone. The stress of the workplace can follow you with a single call or text and it would be difficult for you to disregard an issue once you’ve been reached. It’s better to leave your phone and just give your family the details of where you’ll be staying. That way you’ll be effectively cut-off from your work and still have a line in case of real emergencies. Politics, news in general, and the constant barrage of social media updates can get depressing, so avoid Facebook, Twitter, and the internet in general. On average, Americans spend 3.5 hours on their phones — hours that would be better spent enjoying your vacation.

Sooner or later, travel will start opening up and you can finally be free to enjoy your vacation. Make full use of your time, bar the outside world, and make the most out of your well-deserved vacation.

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