Turning a Wall into the Focal Point with Clever Design Ideas

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There are many things you can do to revamp your house. Building furnishings that complement the rest of your interior’s aesthetic is the best you can do to bring out the beauty of the various key areas of your home. Aside from making your residence a place where you can rest and be comfortable, it’s also a space that you can use to express yourself and channel out creativity. To do this, you can take advantage of your wall space and turn it into your abode’s focal point that your guests can’t help but love.

Usually, most households use their wall space for storage by mounting their cabinetry. Installing shelves against walls is a clever way of decluttering a home. However, if you specifically want your empty wall to serve another purpose, particularly art, then here are some projects you can do.

A Wall of Memories

Using walls to display pictures is not a novel idea, but it’s still in vogue and can very much amp up your interiors. Making space in your tabletops is possible when you put your photographs on walls. It can even look more charming when you use frames in varying shades and shapes.

You might think that using different colors and shapes will make your photo wall look chaotic. But it’ll surprisingly work well and give your home a unique feel.

Reading Nook
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Using your ample overhead area to install shelves is the perfect example of maximizing the space in your home. Creating a sturdy rack that can house multiple books and positioning a comfortable couch below it can be ideal for your empty wall space.

This idea is incredibly clever if you’re a ravenous reader but don’t have a vacant room you can use as a library. Furthermore, you can even install wall lamps in classic style to create a vintage atmosphere.

Art Space for Your Kids

It’s a fact that kids like to draw on any immaculate space they spot. Instead of hindering their creativity, you can continue letting them express themselves by giving them a whole wall they can draw on.

If you have children in your home, you can neatly place their art materials on a tiered shelf and stick large sheets of paper on your walls. This way, kids can let the artists inside them free and save you the task of cleaning and repainting.

Use It to Create a Coastal Atmosphere

There’s no doubt that just like others, you feel cooped up at home given the travel restrictions imposed to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying different nature scenes.

To evoke a coastal ambiance in your home, you can apply easy-to-install shiplap boards and use ocean-inspired hues and decor on your wall space. If you’re feeling passionate and creative enough, you can also do this to replicate other natural landscapes.

Background for Your Zoom Meets

Online calls and video conferences are now a part of the new normal lifestyle. Some apps and programs even come with backgrounds that you can use to hide the clutter in the room you’re staying. For a lasting solution, you can use your empty wall as the permanent backdrop for your online meets and always be camera-ready whenever you have a remote call on schedule.

For other ideas, you can paper your empty wall with beautiful patterns or turn it into a library situation by installing wall-mounted shelves with books, just like you would with your reading nook.

Creative Photography

If you’re into photography and are on the constant hunt for the perfect backdrop that can enhance your images and catapult your subject to the center stage, your empty wall might be the solution you need.

The key is to paint your bare wall a clean white color so you can design and decorate it according to your themes. You can also use scenes thrown from a projector, which allows you to play with lights and other shades, giving way to more creative shots.

Cinema Screen

Another (more popular) way of utilizing your projector is to screen your favorite movies. With a blank wall, rather than content yourself with watching films on a small screen, you can bring the cinema home instead.

For optimum convenience, you can have a rack installed opposite your bare wall. With this, you can effortlessly switch on your projector every time you want to watch a movie. Mounting your equipment will save you from repeatedly placing it in an ideal position where you can perfectly watch films.

Bare walls are far from being the dullest part of a home. It’s the opposite since it abounds with countless possibilities. With a creative mind and will to turn every area of your home into a space you can use every day, upgrading your interiors is a breeze.

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