Rat Infestation and Your Household

  • Unsecured food, blocked drainage systems, cluttered environments, and poorly maintained yards can attract rats.
  • Rats can squeeze through tiny holes as small as a quarter-inch.
  • Seal up any gaps and holes in your house to prevent entry.
  • Traps are an effective way to eliminate rats using bait.
  • Consider hiring professional pest control services for a comprehensive rodent control plan.

Rats are common household pests that can cause extreme damage when left untreated. They are irritating, disturbing, and frustrating creatures that can cause sleepless nights and allergic reactions in humans. Multiple factors and situations can cause rats in your household.

Rats in The U.S.

Rats are still a common problem in the U.S. It’s estimated that nearly 15 million households have seen rodents, and it’s essential to take steps to prevent them from entering your home. Common signs of a rat infestation include chewing on wires or other materials, droppings in dark corners, hearing scurrying at night, or even spotting a rat.

Rats have been known to carry various diseases and transmit them to humans, which can cause serious health issues. It’s essential to take steps to prevent rats from entering your home. Here are some reasons why you’re experiencing a rat infestation right now and how to deal with and prevent it in the future.

Fast food exposed

Unsecured Food

Rats can easily sneak in and out if you have an open pantry or unsecured food storage. They have a sharp sense of smell and can locate food from miles away. If your household has a food source, rats will be attracted to it and stay in the area. Ensure all food is sealed and stored in airtight containers, especially dry goods like flour, rice, and cereals.

Blocked Drainage System

Rats are excellent swimmers who can easily navigate the sewage system. A blocked drainage system is an ideal hiding place for rodents since it provides a damp and moist environment. A clogged drainage system can also cause water damage and create health hazards. Ensure your drainage system is regularly cleaned, and drains are always covered.

Cluttered Environments

Rats thrive in cluttered environments. Clutter provides rodent hiding spots and ample opportunities to nest and breed. Rats can squeeze through tiny holes, so it’s essential to clear the clutter from hidden corners or storage areas. Tidy up your garage, basement, and attic regularly. Clutter is not just unpleasant, but it’s also a breeding ground for rats and other pests.

Poorly Maintained Yards

Your yard is an extension of your household and an ideal rodent hiding spot. If you have tall grass, weeds, and vegetation, rats will use it as camouflage and build their nests. Rats are also attracted to bird feeders and pet food that is left out. Ensure you regularly trim your lawn and keep your yard in good condition.

Gaps and Holes

Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter-inch, so sealing up gaps and holes in your house is essential. Check your roofline, foundation vents, and windows regularly and ensure they are sealed and intact. Rats will use gaps or holes as entry points and hide in your home.

How to Deal With This Problem

There are various ways to deal with a rat infestation. First, you need to deal with entranceways:

Garage fixing

Fix Your Garage Door

One of the rats’ most common entrance points is holes in garage doors. It’s one of the most accessible entry points from the outside and can lead directly to your home. Check your garage door for gaps or holes, and use a sealant to fill them up. If you don’t how to do this, consider hiring a local garage door repair service. They can check your garage door and ensure it’s in proper condition.

Trapping Rats

Another way to get rid of rodents is by trapping them. Traps are the best way to eliminate a rat infestation since they can catch multiple rats simultaneously. Traps should be strategically placed around your home using bait that will attract rats, like peanut butter or bacon. Once the rat is caught, you can quickly dispose of it.

Pest Control Services

If you’re uncomfortable dealing with a rat infestation, consider hiring professional pest control services. They can provide an effective rodent control plan that includes inspection, extermination, and prevention measures to ensure your home is rodent-free. Pest controllers will use their expertise to identify potential entry points and build barriers to prevent rodents from coming in again.

Rats are hazardous pests that must be dealt with immediately before they cause damage or health concerns. Take the steps above to eliminate them from your home, and take preventive measures to keep them away in the future. Prevention is the key when it comes to removing rats from your household.

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