Getting Ready for the Cold Season? Here’s How to Keep Yourself Warm

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The cold season is fast approaching. As soon as the fall kicks in, you’ll feel the cold breeze touching your skin. And come winter, you’ll need to keep yourself as warm as possible. However, staying warm isn’t just for your comfort level. It also helps your body fight off viruses, stops infection, and prevents diseases.

Keeping yourself warm is all the more important, given the COVID-pandemic today. In fact, the NI Direct identifies individuals who are at risk of illness during the cold season. They are those older people aged 65 and above, those with disabilities, those with underlying health conditions, and those with low income who can’t afford to install heating systems.

The good news is that there are practical ways to protect yourself against the drop in temperature. Here’s how to keep yourself warm during the cold season:

1. Insulate your house

As you’re most likely to stay indoors, the initial step to take is to insulate your home. As early as fall, have a thorough home inspection and see how you can prevent drafts from getting into your house. Good Housekeeping makes a few solid recommendations for house insulation. Take note of the following:

  • Check for potential areas having leaks and drafts (electrical outlets, door and window frames, baseboards, attic hatches, cable and phone lines, vents and fans, etc.).
  • Use caulking for cracks near doors and windows.
  • Resort to spray foam for bigger cracks or large openings.
  • Install a draft stopper for your doors.
  • Fix your house insulation (pay attention to your roof, attic, ceiling, siding, flooring, basement, etc.)

2. Update your heating system

It’s best to update your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning or HVAC system twice a year. While spring is the best time to update your AC unit, fall is ideal for your heating system to prepare it for the winter.

That said, be sure to hire HVAC professionals for your furnace inspection and maintenance. As soon as they notice some minor issues, get them fixed right away before they escalate to extensive damages.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to perform the following:

  • Adjust the thermostat.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Seal the ducts.
  • Unblock the vents.
  • Clean the chimney.
  • Set up the fireplace.

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3. Indulge in warm foods and drinks

If you’re practically looking to stay warm during the cold months, what better way to do than to eat warm foods and drink warm beverages? But of course, a balanced diet can make all the difference in keeping you and your family warm and healthy.

Fret not, as they aren’t necessarily costly. For your meal, it’s best to have hot, nutritious soups, stews, or porridges. For beverages, warm drinks such as black coffee, green tea, or hot chocolate will do. Just be a bit selective of the foods and drinks to consume during the cold months.

4. Wear thick clothes and dress in layers

Wearing thick clothes is the most practical approach to combat the cold weather. While you’re at it, be sure to dress in layers and layers of clothes. Don’t worry if you look like a huge snowman covered in thick clothes, as your comfort level is more important.

It’s best to opt for clothes made of cotton, wool, or fleecy fabrics as they are the warmest. Also, invest in a warm jacket for the cold season. Swiss ski jackets from Descente ;and other good brands are your best option. Don’t forget to wear a hat, gloves, and scarf if you must. Even wearing thick socks and slippers are best to keep your feet cozy while in the comfort of your home.

5. Try to be physically active

The cold weather may compel you to be physically inactive. Chances are, you’ll be curled up in your bed or couch during the cold months. You’ll most likely binge on foods and drinks during this time of the year, especially during the holidays.

Keep in mind, however, that staying physically active can keep you warm all day. It will boost your blood circulation, make you sweat out, and keep you warm. That said, it won’t hurt to move around your house and avoid sitting all day. It’s best to have a little exercise even in the comfort of your home.

Staying warm in the cold season and amid the COVID-pandemic is essential. Be sure to block drafts, maintain your heating system, as well as take warm foods and drinks. Also, don’t forget to wear thick clothes and get physically active. With all these key steps, you’ll protect yourself during the cold weather. Not only will you keep yourself warm and comfortable, but you’ll also foster good health and overall well-being.

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