How to Become a Body Artist

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The human body has always been a source of inspiration when it comes to appreciating beauty. At times, people want to enhance this beauty through body art, which is a career for some and a form of self-expression for others.

Are you interested in becoming a body artist or aesthetician? Here are the things you should bear in mind:

What type of art?

Today, there are many types of body art that you can establish a career in. There’s body painting, tattoo art, piercing, body modification, makeup, nail art, and hair tattoo, to name a few. If you’re interested in hair tattoo, you can take scalp pigmentation training programs.

All of these types of art require intensive training. It will take years of practice to establish yourself as an artist, just like in any art.

Get educated

Since you’re using the body as your canvas, you will need a lot of training at the hands of experts. After that, you will need to get a license or registration so that clients can make sure that you have the proper skills before they submit themselves to your care.

Body art training emphasizes hygiene, patience, and responsibility. For example, as a tattoo artist, you need to eliminate the risk of infection or the transmission of blood-borne diseases. The same thing applies to the risks associated with piercing and body modification. You don’t want to get sued due to the presence of health issues among your customers.

Apart from proper training, you need to have a basic knowledge of design. This will help you create your masterpieces. It’s also important to explore different types of art to inspire your craft. You can learn all about Japanese art while at the same time being knowledgeable about Celtic design. You need to be prepared in case your client wants you to do a piece inspired by a particular culture or art movement.

Hone your skills

In addition to getting the appropriate training, you need to hone your craft constantly. That means freshening up your skills through constant practice. The life of an artist doesn’t just end when you’ve mastered a particular technique. You need to widen your artistic horizons and get updated with the latest design trends in your field.

Build your portfolio

As a body artist, you will be in direct contact with clients, so you need excellent interpersonal skills, including for self-promotion purposes. This is because most of the time, you will acquire new clients through the referrals of your customers. If they’re satisfied with your work and service, they will be more than happy to forward your name to their acquaintances.

Additionally, you must build your portfolio, especially online. Update your social media channels with pictures of your latest work, including the names of your clients, if they are amenable. Those looking for recommendations online can easily browse your profile and see your actual customers and creations.

Work with other artists

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Collaborating with other artists will help you establish your name in the industry. Seek out well-known artists in your field and see what type of apprenticeships or partnerships they can offer. This will help you become more visible. Plus, you’ll learn more about the trade firsthand from the experts.

Being an artist is no easy task. It will require a lot of practice and hard work. But for many, it’s all worth it as they can explore their creativity. Body art is perhaps an even more difficult endeavor, but if you are determined and willing to undertake all the things above, then it could be the right path for you.

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