Eating Alone: The Benefits You Can Gain from the Experience


Humans are naturally social creatures. For one thing, some people need others to share their happiness, sadness, and other parts of their lives. Being in the good company of family and friends can make their lives worth living. Even daily activities like going to school, attending church, or dining out in a Korean chicken restaurant in Singapore with loved ones can make a person’s day complete.

A lot of people like to hang out with their friends, while others prefer to spend their time alone. However, there is somehow a social stigma when it comes to doing things alone. Some studies have shown that eating alone can lead to various health issues, such as heart and metabolic problems, and even depression.

The Truth About Dining Alone

When someone is seen eating alone, pity might be felt for that person. Other people might perceive them as a lonely one. While it might be true, it doesn’t mean that eating or spending some time alone is a bad thing. Being alone from time to time can be healthy for a person’s overall development.

At some point in your life, you will find yourself doing things alone: eating, drinking, going to the gym, and so on. In other words, being alone is not necessarily something terrible to do. Instead, it can be a good opportunity to enrich yourself with experiences and life learnings that you can enjoy more when you are alone.

Solo dining may not be a common thing in many Western countries. However, this has been the norm in many countries in Asia. For example, South Koreans call solo eating “honbap.” On the other hand, Japan has a popular ramen place called Ichiran that offers its world-famous noodles in individual stalls. This service enables their customers to enjoy every bit of flavor of their food without distractions (a.k.a. an eating companion).

Benefits of Eating Alone

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Eating alone can be considered as a kind of self-care. Solo dining is a great time for a “me time.” Sure, a lot of us prefer being in the company of good friends as part of your job or student life. If you are still not convinced or if you think it can be lonely dining alone, there are other reasons why you should consider eating alone at least once in your life.

You don’t need to wait for the other person to finish their food. In other cases, you don’t feel pressured to finish your meal quickly because your companion is done eating.

Finding a seat for one can be more manageable. You can even share a booth with someone if there’s an extra seat.

You can enjoy your food in peace, appreciate the flavors, and observe your surroundings in silence.

Being alone can make you feel more confident and independent.

With these in mind, you should search for a place that you can dine in alone. After that, perhaps try other solo activities next time — say, watching a movie alone. These experiences can teach you a thing or two about alone time.

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