What does Invisalign do?

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Invisalign Weybridge is a treatment that patients with a misaligned smile can benefit from. The treatment itself is made up of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners. These aligners are matched to each patient’s individual smile pattern and are swapped out every two weeks, the aligners are worn in succession to align the smile. The series of aligners will work to improve the look of your smile and have to be in a position that both the patient and orthodontist are happy with. The aligners fit around each patient’s lifestyle to ensure that their smile is straightened without issue. The aligners can be removed so patients can eat and drink without having to make changes to their lifestyle. The aligners are made out of only the best and most practical materials so patients can be assured that they are in the best hands when it comes to their dental care. This article will run through what can and can not be achieved by this treatment.

Does Invisalign whiten teeth?

This treatment has the scientific backing to alter the look of a person’s smile but it, unfortunately, can not whiten the smile. Many patients who have had this treatment have been impressed by the results of the service, many people often decide to whiten their teeth after they have finished their treatment. Previous patients would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to other people who are looking to improve the look of their smile. Once the aligners have been worn in their succession and the smile has been straightened into its desired position many patients may decide to spruce up their new smile with a teeth whitening service. Patients should read onto the next section to see what Invisalign can and cannot do for a person’s smile, they can then decide whether this treatment could be the one for them.

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What can Invisalign not do?

Invisalign Weybridge can be used to correct a number of different ailments when it comes to effecting the look of the smile. If a patient has crooked teeth then they can use this treatment to have a positive effect on the smile. An overbite or underbite can be corrected by this service by aligning the bottom and top row of teeth. An open bite is something that can also be corrected by this treatment. Gaps in the smile can be minimised as the teeth are moved into the correct position. There are also a number of different things that can affect the impact of this treatment. The shape of certain teeth can prevent the aligners from gripping onto the teeth. Position of the teeth can also prevent a good grip on the aligner. Invisalign is limited to moving teeth 6mm, so if the smile has multiple gaps then this may not be able to be corrected. Patients can work with their dentist to determine whether this treatment could be the one of them as well as looking into other possible treatments.

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