Tiles and Spaces: How Large, White Tiles Create a Pleasing Illusion


When you consider floor tiles, you immediately aim for its ease of use and safety before its design. However, the design is directly connected to both ease of use and safety. Things that are designed well are not only clearer for the eyes, but it helps the other senses as well when one traverses around the room.

When considering what laminate flooring to use in your Santa Ana, California house, you might want to consider using large white tiles. Any shade of white can suit your home, although it’s advisable to choose a sleek, clean look that is neither too bright to the eyes nor bland (think cream white). Take size into consideration as well: the tiles must be bigger than an iPad, enough for people to stand on a single tile without their shoes touching the outlines of the square.

Remember the words “big, white tiles.” They shouldn’t be only big and only white. It should be big and white. Here’s why.

Why Should They Be Big?

You don’t want your house to look like one big bathroom. Even then, it’s advisable to use other than glaringly white medium-sized square tiles for your bathroom. It looks passe and boring, and over time, it will begin to look dirty. Your bathroom, as well as every room in your house, can benefit from a sleeker, more minimalist look that emphasizes its negative space. That means that it will look more vacant, and as a result, wider than what it is.

That is something good to consider. Not only is it easy to the eyes, but it also encourages you to move around. Finding things would be less of a problem, and a lot of stress will be removed. When you look down at your feet, you don’t see dizzying patterns and small outlines. You’d see faint traces of squares and appreciate the wideness. The effect saves a lot of trouble.

kitchen area with tiles

Why Should They Be White?

White is not as neutral as a color as we automatically deem it to be. There is an entire spectrum of whites, ranging from the bright and obtrusive to the almost-gray kind of white. The darker and paler the shade of white, the larger the room looks. You need to pick out which shade suits which room best so that while they will look sleek, clean, and minimalist, neither do they look bland or boring.

White allows room for more experimentation and accentuation and more opportunities for different colors to mix. It can even emphasize specific colors. White is customizable, working well with not only abstract colors but also geometric shapes. Try it out yourself anything looks good with a blank white background.

All in all, when choosing to decorate your new home, opt for the simplest, most minimalist option. Strip it down to the barest of essentials. The visuals will help make the room more comfortable to navigate. You will find it easier to breathe, move around, and find things. Only then can you add your own flair a touch of color here, some accents there. Your personality will always follow.

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