What is dental SEO?

Dental search engine optimization (dental SEO) is a complicated but effective marketing tool, which needs to be implemented and maintained, especially in this age of digital technology, to make sure that you are not losing your potential patients to your competitors.

Everyone is searching for their needs on Google, including their dental needs. Whether they are searching for ‘a dentist near me’ or specific dental issues, treatments or procedures, rather than asking a friend or relative they are typing their question into the search bar on Google. It is important that when they press the search button that your website is the first one to come up on the results list. Unless you are willing to pay for Google advertisements it is important to focus on dental SEO to help you do this.

Effective SEO will make sure that when a potential patient is searching for their dental needs in your area your website is at the top of the search results.  In order to do this you need in-depth knowledge of information technology and how Google works and even then it is an ever-changing and complicated field of digital marketing, therefore it is important that you consult a specialised dental marketing team who can take care of this for you and make the most out of this powerful tool. This will allow you to focus your precious time and expertise on looking after your patients’ dental needs, whilst the marketing team work to bring in more patients for you.


Being recognized by Google

There are many methods used to help Google recognise your website. Firstly it is important to create good content on a regular basis for your website or social media pages. By regularly uploading educational, informative and engaging content, you can help Google recognise that you are active and relevant, which will help boost your SEO. It will also help grab and nurture the reader’s attention and even if you are not advertising your treatments and procedures, you can teach them about the importance of maintaining good oral health. This may encourage them to visit your dental practice on a more regular basis to begin with and then consider further treatments in the long run.

The use of keywords is important in maintaining SEO. This means finding out which dental terms are searched for most frequently in your area and then using these terms throughout your website and all your content so that Google recognises that you have the answers to what the user is looking for. Also it is important to make sure that your website is accessible on all devices including desktops, laptops and mobile phones. A large proportion of Google searches are now mobile searches, so it is very important that your website is able to load quickly and display properly across all devices. By booking an appointment with an experienced digital marketing team you can make sure that these techniques and many others are utilised effectively to help make the most out of your online presence and attract new patients to your dental practice very soon.

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